As a blind person regularly visiting primary schools since Nicky and Candy’s Street, children often ask me how people go blind.

After my response of you can be born blind, it can come on over time or you can acquire it through illness or injury, children often come up with their own suggestions and ideas about how people can go blind.

Here’s my top three favourite responses…

First up, “staring at the sun for too long”

The benefits of meditative sun gazing debunked in seconds by a six-year old.

They clearly feel it’s not worth the risk to your eyesight and have no time for that type of nonsense.

They’re the pull your socks up, grab you pack lunch and attack the school day type of student.

But they’re also very right as staring at the sun for too long has been shown to damage your eyesight.

So, make sure your wearing your shades for those occasional UK sunny days and avoid direct eye contact.

Second up, “playing video games too much”

There are clearly some deep-rooted video gaming issues at play here that this child’s parents are making them well aware of.

I’m never one for bringing your home life into the workplace, but I’m glad this student is accepting they have a problem, feels comfortable enough to share it with their peers and are getting sound advice and support at home.

And sound advice it is as excessive use of any screens; computers, phones, tablets, can take its toll on your eyesight.

You can get some glasses which claim to block the bad rays emitted from these screens but in any case it’s best to monitor your screen use and take regular breaks.

And, finally, and my personal favourite, “rubbing cat poo into your eyes makes you go blind”

This guy is a Bear Grylls or Steve Irwin of the future.

They shared this wisdom with absolute confidence and conviction and complete disregard for the obvious disgust it caused classmates around them.

For them, it’s nothing to be squeamish about. It’s just nature and knowledge work sharing.

And that it is as getting any type of poo in your eyes can lead to toxic parasites working their way into your system, causing blurred vision, sight loss and blindness.

I’ve not got any tips for not getting poo in your eyes. Just stay away from it and if you do find yourself in this situation, contact your doctor immediately.

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