On World Book Day 2023, I got to visit Ellenbrook Primary School in Salford to help make Better Places

I started out feeling a bit less anxious than the last for my visit to Ellenbrook Primary School in Salford. I’d learnt a lot from St Andrews; not to read from the book, how to involve the children in the reading and how to keep them engaged throughout and was looking forward to practicing some during this visit.

This come to be with the reading to the assembly feeling as though it went lot more smoothly. The children and staff all really enjoyed themselves, the message, the chanting and the limbo!

From there, it was in with year 3 and 4 to look at how we could make places better in the real world. The class were all lovely and really engaged. We looked at local places and explored how they could be made better together through a drawing and design activity.

Then it was time for a short break where I managed to catch my breath for a bit in the staff room. I had a good chat with the staff team and another author who had been invited in for the day, Jennifer. All were very welcoming and friendly.

After the break, I was shown through to the year 6 class. Having to gee’ them up a bit to get involved in the morning’s interactive reading, I asked how they found the book. They said they enjoyed the message and got it, but perhaps picture books were a little too young for them – which I completely get.

Nevertheless, they understood the broader aim Nicky and Candy’s Street and threw themselves into a persuasive writing activity in which they had to write a short tweet to local politicians and officers about why they should make access for disabled people a priority.

It was an enjoyable activity and something I enjoyed exploring with students to a much deeper level than I might have been able to with the younger years. There were some strong persuasive arguments shared but before we could click ‘send tweet’ to bombard our local council, I was whisked off to an afternoon with the second groups for year 3 and 4 to deliver the same activity as their peers.

It was soon home time for both students and me. After a goodbye and thank you to Ellenbrook for having me, I was pleased to come home to some lovely comments left by teachers there which I’ll leave you all with.

Ellenbrook, thanks for making Better Places.

A fantastic, interactive assembly to keep all ages engaged! Lessons adapted to each age group and incorporated ICT too. It was great to have the powerpoint before the children had met you too!

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