Road crossing are supposed to enable people to cross roads safely

But dependent on their features, or, in many instances, lack of them, they can make disabled people feel anything but safe

So, here’s three ways i believe we could make road crossings better.


We still have major crossing points without audio notification

This means many people, including people with visual impairments and those who need absolute certainty it’s safe to cross, are often unsure when it’s safe to do so

Audio at crossings needs to be the standard

Rotating tactile cones

Many crossings now have rotating, tactile cones that spin when it’s safe to cross

But many of them are missing, putting people dependent on tactile notification, such as visually impaired and DeafBlind people, at risk

Tactile cones at crossings need to be regularly reviewed and maintained by local authorities

Crossing time

Current guidance suggests that crossings should assume a walking speed of 1.2 meters per second

Yet, the average walking speed for people in the UK is 0.85 meters per second – with this much slower for many disabled people out there who may be more cautious when crossing a road, have fatigue or mobility related conditions

Crossing time needs to be adjusted to reflect true walking speed.

As ever, these are just my thoughts. How could crossings be made better for you?

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