On Wednesday 6th December, I got to spend some time with some of my youngest Better Places makers with a visit to Reddish Vale Nursery.

This was a special one for me with family in the area and a couple of cousins who’d been to this very nursery.

I was shown through the nursery, which was much bigger than I expected, by the lovely Heather, who I’d be liaising with over email for the last couple of months to arrange the visit.

The children were all busy playing and learning as I was walked through, with the odd smile, wave and hi as I went which was nice.

Being very organised, Heather had already set up the interactive white board with my PowerPoint on for my arrival, and swiftly helped set up a little space for book signings later on.

When the children were shown through and sat down on the floor in front of me it brought back some memories of my time in nursery and primary school.

I was a bit unsure about how the reading would go down with the students; being much younger than my usual audience.

Could I keep them engaged and entertained? Would they be interested in the book? Would they get the message?


And to be honest, It felt like they got all of this. They were engaged throughout the reading, answered questions, chanted and moved along to make Better Places.

They may have been a bit more interested in the appearance of poo in the book than the older children but that just made it more of a fun visit.

Only having time for the reading, I left the nursery with some craft stuff so

they could make some Candy white canes and carry on the conversation about why these are used and accessibility for blind and visually impaired people.

All in all, a really enjoyable visit and a bit of assurance that the books message goes down well with even the youngest of people.

Reddish Vale Nursery, thanks for having me and making Better Places.

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