When my brilliant friend and colleague, Sam Cook, reached out to ask whether I’d be interested in a Better Places visit to Monton Brownies, how could I refuse?

This was a new one to my usual school visits; taking place in a local church, with a much smaller group and of an evening.

I was wondering, after a full day of school for the Brownies, would this effect their energy levels – always hoping for a high energy reading of the book. But there was certainly no issues in this department.

Whether it was the time of night, being around their friends or just the general buzz of the Brownies, this was definitely one of most engaged groups I’d worked with through the reading of Nicky and Candy’s.

Candy’s speech bubbles were read with real character, emphasis and humour by all Brownies, and when it came to making the street a Better Place with our chants and movements, I think the local neighbours would have felt like joining in.

Following the reading, I’d heard from a very Wise Owl that the Brownies were a crafty bunch – so I thought festive, crafty, Candy cane making would be right up their street.

Bubble tea straws, googly eyes and pom poms in hand, the Brownies crafted up a storm to create some amazing Candy white canes.

These were far too good to be judged by me so I left this up to Brown Owl, with the winner receiving a signed Nicky and Candy’s Street.

I left Monton Brownies buzzing from my time spent with them. Their energy was infectious and I had ideas of Better Places badge buzzing around in my head. Let’s see how I get on with creating that.

Until then, Monton Brownies, thanks for having me and helping make Better Places

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